About Me


Real Single MomHi there! I’m Lara, a real single mom just like you. I have two daughters, 21 and 11. I recently broke free of an abusive relationship that I stayed in for 24 years… my entire “adult life”… I have not been a single woman—ever. I am 41 years old and in a very unique place in my life and scared out of my mind! I have been a stay at home mom for two decades and starting over in my 40’s is a very daunting task! However, I am determined to find my way in this world, free of abuse! I hope that as I share my journey you are able to relate, find encouragement, know that you are not alone, and perhaps offer me some insight as well!

A little more about me…

I am considered a “veteran blogger” since I have been doing it for over a decade!

I am also a chauffeur, friend, maid, chef, business owner, writer, homeschooler, lover, confidant, mentor, teacher, seeker, nurse, boo boo kisser, cat lover, coffee drinker, Starbucks drinker, Mexican food addict, jean loving, sometimes loud mouth, opinionated, outspoken, iphone carrier, minorly anal retentive, chocoholic, Survivor fan, Jesus loving, animal lover, reptile/bug/spider hating, speed walking, honest, working my way back to skinny jeans, don’t take crap, and… far more blessed than I deserve! {among other things…}

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