Where do I Begin?


I spent over a week trying to decide where to begin–what should my first post be? Do I share the abuse I escaped? The fact that I sit in my car, and just cry because I have to leave my 11 year old home alone? Do I share that that same 11 year old ran away from home the other day? Do I share that I may lose my first job in 20 years because of all this? What do I share to introduce this blog???

Where do I begin?

And then I realized, the point was to just share what is going on in my life as a single mom with a crazy ex, and two daughters who are dealing with all of it in very different ways. Then I thought, crap, I am a mess. Does anyone really want to hear that I cry every single day, want to slap myself silly, and want to scream at the top of my lungs for being such an idiot and staying with an abusive man for too many years??? Whew! Was that a run on sentence?

Did I already Begin?

Anyway, there is so much crap that you deal with as a single mom, I am pretty sure I will not run out of things to say. If I get even one reader who can relate, yay! I just need an outlet. A place to share the pain, loneliness, inadequacies, joy, and craziness of being a single mom…and free for the first time in 2 decades!

Let me Begin Again…

Hi, my name is Lara, and I am trying to figure out how to be a single mom and woman in this world at 41. I have never been alone. I was with my ex since I was 16. I am lost, lonely, and scared. But, I am also happy, free, and ready to begin again! You can read more about me here.

OK, so there is where I began. I will be sharing more soon… frequently… you may need coffee, tissues, and the ability to see the humor in the craziness! Regardless, thanks for reading!

Oh, and feel free to like my Facebook page! It is a great way to stay updated on my latest ramblings… I will share new posts there!

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Where do I Begin?



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    ((hugs)) I hope that you and your children are safe and happy and that your words provide encouragement to others in similar situations.

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    I applaud you for your courage in leaving that unhealthy relationship no matter how hard it is to face each day as a single mom.. I pray you soon find strength in your new way of life and a supportive community to surround you. Life is a journey with all sorts of unexpected twists and turns, full of lessons we can all learn from. In sharing your journey and the moment at hand you will touch many in inspiring ways. Of that I am sure. God bless!

  3. says

    Cheers to new beginnings!!
    I found myself in a similar situation back in the early 90’s. Left with. 6 month old baby I dusted myself off and we started our new life. She’s 20 now and the ride has been amazing!
    It will only get better!!

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    I’m sure this is the hardest thing to figure out and deal with. But I applaud you for making the change and setting a great example for your children.

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    I haven’t been there, but you are inspirational. I watched my Mom finally start her life over not too long ago. It was really hard for her, but it was the best decision for her. She is finally happy and safe.

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    Having been a single mom for many years, I totally feel you. I think you are an amazingly strong woman though and your adventure if just beginning ! I can’t wait to see where it takes you!

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